Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Jams World Vintage Surfline Delivery

Fantastic looking shirts and shorts from the classic Vintage Surfline range by Jams World


Ralph Lauren RL 93 RLYC L/S Top

Even if I say so myself I'm really feeling this top right now.

So fresh and so clean.


Vintage Versace Sunglasses Lady Gaga

Vintage Versace Sunglasses Lady Gaga

Absolutely Stunning

Gold trim, Tortoise shell, Digital logo on inside arm

Hot Hot Hot 80's business


Fila Hat

Nice preppy Style


Vintage Starter Caps

Finally they arrived!

The original logo caps are killer, through in some purple and it becomes dangerous!

Snapback for life!


Monday, 15 December 2008

New Products Coming Soon

Lots more Starter hats on their way

Jams World original Surf gear Shorts and Shirts

Ralph Lauren Mens/womens

Versace, Christian Roth, Tasco, Emannuelle Khanh,Ray Ban, Silhouette, Barrafaldi and Dior sunglasses

Acid wash Levis lined Jackets

Pictures coming soon