Monday, 30 March 2009

Vintage Versace update 676 Sunglasses Restock

Vintage Versace update 676 Sunglasses Restock

Due to the overwhelming demand for the Versace Update 676 Vintage Sunglasses we will be having a restock.

They will be available on first come first serve basis

Please leave a comment to register your interest

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Illustra Allie Nicole said...

how can i get them and what are the prices?

Tatuduet said...


I am very interested in a pair of glasses versace, can you give me more details in relation to color and price?

Thank you

Ambassador Of Fresh Goods said...

Hi Illustra Allie Nichole, Please leave you email address and i'll forward you the details.


deraj89 said...

im interested in buying these glasses in any color. If possible please email me at

mj said...

hi seth
i am probably on the list for the black frame/silver trim black lenses but i am reminding you just in case.

Mr.Thor said...

Please let me know when you get these in! Email me at with any information please.

william said...

i just made a comment on the earlier post, let me know if im not too late, but im still interested
email me with more info

gaga said...

hey I'm really interested in getting a pair of these please email me if you have any or know where I can get them from
email :

gaga said...
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