Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Style Focus: Interview With A Vintage(Pre Death) Gianni Versace Collector

Style Focus: Interview With A Vintage(Pre Death)Gianni Versace Collector

Can you recall the first time you heard of Gianni Versace?
The first time i heard about Gianni Versace was when I was 19 years of age.
My roommate at the time was the type of guy who always used
to say: "I rather have one shirt in my wardrobe but it will be a
designer brand". So I started looking into the Versace label and I
started buying Donatella Versace silk shirts and garments. Soon though
I completely switched to Gianni Versace labels because they were of
course the originals.

What was it about the brand that interested you the most?
The most interesting thing about Gianni Versace label was its originality, quality
and craftsmanship. After I bought the my first shirt and I had it in
my arms, I was so astonished by it. It was truly a work of art and a

You have a very large collection of original silk shirts and other rare garments, how long have you been collecting Versace for?
I have been collecting Versace for 5 years now from the time when I
was 19 until now at the age of 24.

Were there any other brands that you had a similar interest in?
I have no similar interests in other brands. Versace is the best!!!

When wearing a Versace silk shirt what would the rest of your outfit consist of?
When I wear Versace I try to combine the flamboyant look with a more
classy traditional look. For example I would wear a colorful silk
shirt with a black suit or a white linen suit during the summer.
Versace looks the best when combined with more traditional look so
that the shirt stands out..