Saturday, 5 December 2009

Mince Pies & Versace Ties

Dear All,

Once again were set up and ready to showcase the hottest forgotten brands.

Zone7Style Presents 'Mince Pies & Versace Ties' Pop Up Shop Carnaby St London

What's on offer?

Large selcetion of Deadstock Eyewear from the 70s, 80s and 90s including Alitalia, Cazal, Carrera, Christian Dior, Ray Ban, Persol, Versace, Lacoste, Helena Rubinstein, Serge Kirchoffer, Leonard, Terri Brogan, Maserati, Valentino, Italian Graffiti to name a few.

A bespoke selection of influential sportswear from Nike including exclusive promotional print t-shirts from the early 80s.

A rarely seen selection of Vintage Vans and Converse in all sizes.

For the Ralph connoisseurs we have a real treat for you, 1988 anniversary sweatshirts, RL-93 Sweats, RLYC Jackets, Hot Gold Quilted Down jacket, Ralph Countryman Long bill cap and a few surprises as well.

Pendleton Navajo Jackets, Moschino shirts and jeans, Versace Shirts and jeans and the list goes on.........

We're having our official launch Thursday 10th December 6pm-9pm

Chapter One Market, Kingly Court, Carnaby st, London W1

Please join us for 'Mince Pies & Versace Ties'.

We'd love to see you there

The Zone7Style Crew