Friday, 22 October 2010

Vintage Helly Hansen Sailing Jacket

Vintage Helly Hansen Sailing Jacket



Darren said...

Love the vintage stuff from Helly Hansen, I don't suppose you have anything like the classic style Helly Hansen waterproof jacket this one shown is a remake of the old classic sailor design but I really want the vintage version. I have looked on the HH website and all the new variations don't look as good. Any help would be appreciated thanks Darren

. said...

Hi Darren, This jacket shown came out in about 1995 it was popularised by many hip hop artists at the time.
I'm always on the lookout for Helly Hansen and if I get any other pieces I'll be putting them up on the blog. Stay Tuned. Thanks

JDM said...

indeed.. this type of jacket was awesome and at the moment HH doesnt manufactures anything similar..Salt Jacket is similar but that is almost a winter jacket

Method Man and Xzibit back in the days rocked this jacket

Freaky-L AKA Grimee Rappuh said...

Very dope HH jacket! CLASSIC
always loved ''hip hop'' helly hansen back then.

Lack of Dough said...

Where can I find a jacket like this one? I'm a big 90's hip hop fan and bit of gear like this is a must have!! I've looked online but can't seem to find any. Do you think Helly Hansen Stores might still sell them?