Saturday, 25 April 2015

Brothers and Sisters Present the Soul of Disco + BBQ

The eagerly awaited return of Brothers and Sisters is coming to the The Jackdaw and Star on Sunday 3rd May

DJ Dek One and Shadytreble will be on hand to provide the musical selections while the chefs cook up an amazing Sunday roast + BBQ in the garden!!

Andi Oliver (BBC Neneh and Andi dish it up, The Kitchen Cabinet R4, Food Glorious Food ITV, The Birdcage) and Kelly Miles (General manager, Lots Rd, The Roebuck, The Birdcage) are two friends who have worked together over four years delivering feasts of epic proportions, intimate dinners, pop-up banquets, weddings and parties.

"We call it Guerilla cooking! SUGARSHACK is our brainchild and was born this summer at Hackney wick. We rub lamb and pork shoulder with our unique blend of spices then smoke it for 8-10 hours in Tallulah the Sugarshack smoker who burns our specialized blend of apple,maple,alder and almond wood for a sweet nutty finish."

Sunday will be the first weekend Sugarshack take their magic to the garden and the BBQ. Expect some of their classics like the Jerk Chicken and other delicious culinary surprises coming from their favourite butcher