Tuesday, 1 May 2007


There album is ok but its all about the first track : Creepin.

Here's some history on the band

An obscure group only known from this album(1984), They got some QUALITY production by 70s soul maestro Skip Scarborough, working here in more of an 80s styled blend of beats and keyboards!

The style's more mainstream than work on labels like Capitol and Atlantic, Tight bass pushing most tracks along in a highly rhythmic manner, while keyboards and drum machines bring the grooves together, still allowing plenty of space for the vocals!

The group sound slightly mainstream at times, but kick back nicely on tracks like CREEPIN -- letting their softer vocals echo out with a sweeter style than you might expect. Titles include "Creepin", "Culture Shock", "In Time", "Hopscotch", "Come Walk My Way", and "Living Free".

Oh and the label was Souldify and they were from the Netherlands

Download mp3 Autumn - Creepin