Sunday, 25 October 2009

Whats Coming Next? Deadstock Sale

Whats Coming Next? Deadstock Sale

Its official people we are holding a sale/exhibition on the 21st of November in the Albert and Pearl pub on Upper Street, Islington, London, 1-5pm, free entry.

We're in the process of printing the flyer and we should have it out by the end of next week

The other side of the pillow will be joining us on the day bringing the Vintage Vans and other curiosities

If you like Deadstock, 70s 80s 90s designer gear, sportswear, Sunglasses, shoes, trainers, sneakers and loads more products you've probably never seen before.I can certainly guarantee this will be the largest collection you've ever seen in one place

Paramedics will be on site all day to deal to with anyone suffering from shock....