Sunday, 25 October 2009

Zone7style Creating a global resource for Collectors and enthusiasts

Zone7style Creating a global resource for Collectors and enthusiasts

We are going to be launching a new service aimed at enthusiasts and collectors from around the world, Our web traffic is increasing on a daily basis and we're regularly flooded with enquiries about obscure, rare and hard to find products( of course there are many items not in our possession)

What we will be aiming to achieve is to allow people to display their products or collection's on the site, opening up a whole new audience and generating widespread interest

We will also allow you to sell your products if you wish to do so, We currently have around 15000 visits per month and this is increasing, the quality of our readership is high and our Style focus's have proven very popular.

So imagine you have a large collection of Deadstock sportswear or 90s Versace for example and you want to generate some income from that whether it be hiring out your items for films,videos and photo shoots or selling it on. We will be able to put you in touch with the right people or if we have a request for certain items we can put them in touch with you.

This is only the beginning and further services will be incorporated in due course

Any feedback will be welcomed


Cheaters of London said...

I'm glad you thing in that way Seth, I thing we (Collectors) need to work together in some way...
Eduardo Di Natale
Cheaters of London

Vintage said...

You have our support!

dachi2000 said...

Got the link from Facebook.
Good idea. I am interested as well. I am a vintage sunglasses supplier for the biggest vintage sunglasses shop in Zurich called Timetunnel. I have started my own blog, there are a lot more pictures to come (and quality will improve:)

Cheers, Dachi

Seth Bradley said...

This is great! I'm happy that I got your feedback so quickly and that you like the concept, this is surely the future for collectors....